OTC Publication Service

OTC Transparency Reporting Service

Nasdaq Approved Publication Arrangement (“APA”) is a regulated Data Reporting Service Provider (“DRSP”) registered with Nasdaq Stockholm AB. The service is available for all Investment Firms and Systematic Internalisers and operates with authorization from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Nasdaq APA supports regulatory post trade transparency publications under MiFIR for trades conducted outside a trading venue and are subject to transparency provisions under MiFIR. Nasdaq APA supports all asset classes subject to post trade transparency and the format for data publications and other arrangements are regulated in MiFID II/R.

Trades reported via Nasdaq APA are published in real time via relevant market data feeds and delayed publications (15 minutes delay) are made available on Intraday Data page.


Nasdaq APA allow reporting entities to submit APA trades via the listed solutions below. A reporting entity is required to be a registered Nasdaq APA customer to be able to report.

  • FIX 5.0 (API)
  • Nordic Workstation (Front-end)
  • OMnet (API) - relevant for instruments traded in Genium INET
  • Trading Workstation (Fron-end) - relevant for instruments traded in Genium INET
  • Nasdaq Nordic Trader (Front-end) – relevant for instrument traded in Nordic Derivatives Trading System (NTDS)

Nasdaq APA is open for trade publications between 06:00 CET and 22:00 CET.

SI Registry Data Group

An investment firm trading OTC must be able to assess whether their counterparty is an SI or not as the counterparty’s SI status affects the investment firms reporting obligations. To facilitate this, Nasdaq APA are part of a joint initiative called ‘SI Registry Data Group’ where Nasdaq together with some other APAs in EU are collecting SI reference data from SIs on a voluntary basis and in return the SIs will receive a master file containing SI data from all the other APAs and their contributing SIs. The service is free of charge for customers of the Nasdaq APA.

Solutions & Connectivity

For further information related to available solutions and connectivity, please reach out to Nasdaq APA product managers. Contact details are available on this page.